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Local Giving

In the past, we have donated to phenomenal organizations like the Rescue Mission and the Urban Mission, but going forward we are looking to contribute to smaller nonprofits that could benefit even more from our donations.

We believe that a mini-grant (up to $1,500) to an innovative, grassroots nonprofit concerned with the homeless and hungry populations in Central New York could be tremendously useful to some annual operating budgets.

While oversight and transparency will be employed, we do not strive to burden nonprofits in onerous grant writing or monitoring and evaluating regulations. We want our beneficiaries to do what they do best: serve the community directly, and not feel buried by paperwork.

If you are interested in applying for a Mini-Grant with us, please review our mini-grant details. Afterwards, if you still have questions about your eligibility or application procedures, please email musicformission@gmail.com.

2018 Recipients

2017 Recipients

Community Action Partnership
Programs to stabilize housing, families, food assistance and living necessities.

Matthew25 Farm
Fresh Free Fruits and Vegetables

NPE PTO Food Pantry
Backpack program for the Nate Perry Elementary

2016 Past Mini-Grant Recipients

A Tiny Home for Good

Lutheran Social Services 

Syracuse Grows

Watertown Urban Mission
During this Mini-Grant Cycle we gave about $4,000 to the Watertown Urban Mission for their dollar dinner program. This program provides a hot, home cooked meal for $1 per person.
That’s about FOUR THOUSAND dinners!
But for a family of five, that is still $5, which for some families is just too much. This grant provided that funds to underwrite some of the costs for those where a dollar was still just too much for dinner. Everyone deserves the experience of the dinner table and a home cooked meal. Not only was this nourishment for the body, but also for the mind and the soul.

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