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Music for the Mission Presents Our
‘Artist Of The Month’

We are proud to promote local artists and appreciate their support of Music for the Mission!

September's Artist of the Month is Liz Fiddle Simchik


Liz Fiddle Simchik


Liz is a dynamic violinist/fiddler and singer from Central New York whose music is a melting pot of swing jazz, blues, outlaw country, and a twinge of pop, grounded in both traditional fiddle styles and classical training.


She currently performs with Opus Black Strings, Tumbleweed Gumbo, Mark Hoffman’s Swing This, Monk Rowe and The 5 Families, Lipstick and Whiskey, Jamie Notarthomas Band, Fish Creek Rodeo, Remsen Social Club and many others.


Liz s also the owner operator of the State Bridge Collective and Music With Liz teaching studio

Stay connected to Liz:

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