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We Are One


Emergency Mini-Grants now being awarded to local pantries. Please APPLY today!

Food pantries need help during covid says Joe Stanley and music for the mission

DONATE TODAY to help us replenish local food pantries who are working tirelessly to help families in need across our community.

CNY musicians come together to help those in need

Music for the Mission

“We Are One” is a Music for the Mission musical collaboration of over 40 Central NY native musicians and vocalists. Written by multi-gold record songwriter Bob Halligan, Jr. of Ceili Rain, “We Are One” is an incredible song that tells the heartfelt story of how one person can make a difference in the lives of one and many. “We are One” was recorded at Subcat Studios in Syracuse and includes a ‘who’s who’ of artists from across our region. The song promises to inspire listeners of all ages and is a song of compassion, giving and understanding in a time when together, we can be the joy and peace in the world we wish to see.

FEED 100,000 FAMILIES – that’s the goal!

All proceeds from the song help feed the hungry and homeless right here in our little town.

“We Are One” is available ultimately through Amazon and iTunes for .99 cents per download and featured on air and at events through many of Stanley Law’s media partners — radio, television, cable and digital marketing outlets.

To invite the Central New York group of musicians to perform at your event, donate to the effort.

Because “Our little town can show the world…WE ARE ONE!”