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$1 provides three meals to someone in need, so every dollar makes a difference.

Joe Stanley of Stanley Law and Angela Moonan of blue i marketing co-founded our organization in 2009 with the singular mission of helping the homeless and the hungry population living in Central New York. Over the years, Joe Stanley has been joined by many in his humble endeavors and shaped this organization to what it is today. If you're a musician who wants to get involved, please contact us as well!


Helping where we can

Music for the Mission is proud to lend a helping hand to those that need it the most. Our belief that music’s communal nature will be the perfect union for local nonprofits geared towards serving the thousands of individuals who lack sufficient food or adequate shelter in Central New York has proven to be successful and superbly rewarding.


We wanted to create a positive impact by addressing these two global issues by starting small. We feel immensely proud to have touched upon the lives of many and to have positively impacted them through our efforts. We have been able to provide three meals for just $1.00. Our endeavor will remain, and so will be our willingness to take these efforts further.

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