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We Are One


Thank you to everyone who helped make this a reality! From the idea to the production!


“We Are One” is a Music for the Mission musical collaboration of over 40 musicians and vocalists. Written by multi-gold record songwriter Bob Halligan, Jr. of Ceili Rain, “We Are One” is an incredible song that tells the heartfelt story of how one person can make a difference in the lives of one and many.

“We Are One” is now available for download through Amazon and iTunes for .99 cents per download and featured on air and at events through many of Stanley Law’s media partners — radio, television, cable and digital marketing outlets. To invite the Central New York group of musicians to perform at your event, to donate to the effort.

Annual Chili Cook Off is Back at the Happy Valley Inn, Parish, NY on February 8, 2020:

Music for the Mission

Do you loveeeee chili like we do lol? Music for the Mission in partnership with Happy Valley Inn will be benefiting from Chris and Randy’s good heartedness again this year at their 8th ANNUAL CHILI COOK OFF! Check out all the details here in the poster above and see you there on February 8th!

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World Hunger Day is May 28th – Stay tuned for ways you can get involved, donate to local organizations and learn more about Music for the Mission!
We know that our neighbors, friends and colleagues could be fighting hunger and homelessness. Your donation goes to grassroots organizations who run pantries, shelters, insecurity resources and various programs and projects that not only help those in great need, but also those on the edge. Please help us help our neighbors, friends, colleagues and those individuals we share our community with. One band, one sound.





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