Music for the Mission

Founded in 2009, Music for the Mission is a humble nonprofit organization focused on assisting the homeless and the hungry in Central New York.

At Music for the Mission we believe that music, with its innate ability to energize people, can contribute to the rehabilitation of those who need it most. We believe music’s communal nature, something to be shared by all, especially in a local setting, is a perfect pairing with local nonprofits geared towards serving the thousands of individuals in Central New York who lack sufficient food or adequate shelter in our own zip codes.

We raise money by sponsoring local musical events and re-directing our proceeds to organizations focused on Central New York. By supporting our organization’s events in your hometown, or anywhere in the region, you are not only assisting the homeless and the hungry, you are providing targeted assistance to those within your own community.

Music for the Mission is proud to advocate and assist those in need in our region. We hope you will join us in trying to address these two worldwide issues, by starting in our own backyards.

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